Come learn about different opportunities and upcoming events!
Come join us for fun, games, and free food at our first general meeting in WAG 420!
Andreyez, Irene, Angelica, and Carlos will be going to Andreyez's Alma Mater to help out current High School juniors in Austin so that they can be aware of what options for higher education are available to them.   

If you want to come along, contact Andreyez.  We will be leaving around 1pm today on May 3, 2010.
Congratulations to those LULACers who participated in HSA's Nacho Contest.  Although we didn't win 1st place because Vaqueros took it from us, we still got 2nd with $20 to spend at the co-op.

Also Congratulations to Irene for whooping 5 guys (Insert funny comment of Lorena here) in the Jalapeño eating contest!!!!!!! 

Great day to be a LULACer!

remember to dress business casual for our group picture during the next general meeting on April 27, 2010.
Interested in going to Grad School?  Go check out an informational on important information for entry into a Grad program at Burdine 220 at 5:30 p.m.  Contact Irene for the exact date.

Don't forget to flyer all this week to get the word out about our club party.  If you haven't signed up for some shifts, contact Carlos or Andreyez. 

Also keep your eyes out for some future lobbying :)